Publications and communications


Submitted peer-reviewed articles:

  • 2018: Barnier B., A. Domina, S. Gulev, J.-M. Molines, T. Maitre, T. Penduff, J. Le Sommer, P. Brasseur, L. Brodeau. Unexpected impact of flow-driven turbine power plants on great ocean currents. Sumitted to Nature Energy.

Published peer-reviewed articles:

  • 2018: Zanna, L. , Brankart, J. M., Huber, M. , Leroux, S. , Penduff, T. and Williams, P. D., Uncertainty and Scale Interactions in Ocean Ensembles: From Seasonal Forecasts to Multi‐Decadal Climate Predictions. Q J R Meteorol Soc. 2018;1–16. [doi]

  • 2018: Leroux, S; Penduff, T; Bessieres, L; Molines, JM; Brankart, JM; Serazin, G; Barnier, B; Terray, L. Intrinsic and atmospherically-forced variability of the AMOC : insights from a large ensemble ocean hindcast. J. Climate., 31 (3) 1183-1203. [doi]

  • 2018: Penduff, T., G. Sérazin, S. Leroux, S. Close, J.-M. Molines, B. Barnier, L. Bessières, L. Terray, and G. Maze.,. Chaotic variability of ocean heat content: Climate-relevant features and observational implications. Oceanography 31(2). [doi]

  • 2018: Hall N., Leroux S., Ambrizzi T. Transient contributions to the forcing of the atmospheric annual cycle: A diagnostic study with the DREAM model. Climate Dynamics, 1-15, Early Online Release, [doi:10.1007/s00382-018-4539-y]


  • 2018: Brodeau et al: “Mesoscale resolution capability of SARAL & Sentinel 3 altimeters with respect to kilometric-scale ocean simulations” [PDF]

  • 2017: Brodeau et al: Realistic SSH scenes for preparing SWOT: The NATL60 1/60° North Atlantic Ocean Simulations 1/60° North Atlantic Ocean Simulations [PDF]

  • 2017: Leroux et al: Learning from large-ensemble eddying ocean simulations to better interpret satellite and in-situ ocean data. The OCCIPUT large-ensemble dataset and some applications. [PDF]